Exploring Santo is easy via the tar sealed East Coast Road that runs from Luganville, on the islands southeast corner, to Port Orly village on the northern tip.

The east coast is home to freshwater swimming holes, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, accessible wreck dive sites, luxurious resorts, traditional Ni-Vanuatu bungalows, coconut plantations and grazing land for the famous Santo beef.


If you are up for an adventure, get off the beaten track and explore south Santo. Discover secret waterfalls, treks through dense bush, traditional Santo village life and black sandy beaches. The west coast of Santo characterized by high mountains and thick bushland, the west coast home to Vanuatu’s highest peak, Mt. Tabwemasana.


As there are no roads on this side of the Island, the people who live there maintain a predominately traditional way of life boasting the richness and continuity of Vanuatu’s customs and traditions.


On Santo relax or picnic on white sandy beaches, dive around the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, learn about the culture in a Kastom village, catch marlin, wahoo, Spanish mackerel. Or kayak from Island to island on clear blue water, and swim in jewel blue holes.

Hotels In Espiritu Santo

Aore Island Resort
Aore Island Resort is a stunning Pacific Island retreat with an authentic and welcoming culture nestled in a unique natural paradise. Experience the raw luxury of the private bungalows and indulge in all the dining, relaxation and adventure have to offer right on thier doorstep, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.
Barrier Beach Resort
Barrier Beach Resort promises a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere to use as your base for exploring the many delights that Santo has to offer. Spacious fares look out over the sea, where offshore islands and a coral reef create a natural barrier to the ocean. Sundecks stretch over the sand and provide plenty of places to take in the view - relax in the sun or leave your towels while enjoying year-round swimming. Plus enjoy a cocktail while relaxing in the water.
Turtle Bay Lodge
Set in a beautiful waterfront location, turtle bay lodge is situated halfway to the famous Champagne Beach and a leisurely kayak from both the Riri and Matevulu Blue Holes it is the ideal place to experience Santo. You can relax on the private beach, swim in the outdoor pool or enjoy a range of water sport activities. Snorkel the coral reef one side of the property or laze in the calm waters of the bay on the other. Kayak across to Turtle Island or one of the Blue Holes.

Journeys featuring Espiritu Santo

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