Towering ancient cliffs and deep craters border dusty red roads.

The rugged, weathered peaks and rocky gorges of the Flinders Ranges with towering ancient cliffs bordering dusty outback roads form some of the country’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Rich in Aboriginal history and home to a vast array of wildlife, follow the scenic routes, 4WD tracks and walking trails that will take you on a remarkable adventure. Marvel at Wilpena Pound’s large amphitheatre, created through erosion over millions of years, or enjoy a night sky show like never before.

Hotels In Flinders Ranges

Discover one of Australia's most exclusive stays – Arkaba Conservancy, a Wild Bush Luxury property in the Flinders Ranges. Just ten guests at a timeshare this remote 60,000-acre private wildlife conservancy dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s unique wildlife and birds. Mobs of kangaroos, emus and other abundant wildlife will delight you on safaris through spectacular ancient landscapes, where expert field guides will immerse you in the story of the bush.

Journeys featuring Flinders Ranges

Ranges to River
This Murray River Walk and the Arkaba Walk, two Great Walks of Australia, come together to give you the opportunity to conquer both in one incredible South Australian journey.

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