From Pouebo to Ponerihouen, the East Coast unfolds along a narrow coastal strip set between the central mountain range and the ocean.

With the spectacular panorama of the central mountain range of the Mainland (Grande Terre) a natural boundary, overlooking the very different faces of the East and West Coasts. Exposed to strong winds and therefore more humid, the eastern coast offers scenery with sumptuous flora.


Hotels In The East Coast

Tiéti Hotel
Nestled in the heart of a vast property, on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the East Coast, the Tiéti hotel offers you an exceptional stay for couples, family or friends. Inspired by the Barringtonia fruit, the Tiéti hotel was designed in the spirit of Oceanian architecture, elegantly combining natural and noble materials. The attention to detail ensures comfort and relaxation in an authentic atmosphere combining tradition and modernity. In this exceptional setting, you can also feast on a refined cuisine based on local products and explore the many natural and cultural riches of the region. The intimate and romantic atmosphere of Tiéti will immerse you in a few moments in a world apart

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