Pitcairn surely makes the bucket list for travellers looking for that memorable place. The Island’s five sq. km surface is sloped and has a varied landscape – from desolate rock cliffs that look over an infinite expanse of sea to lush hillsides bursting with tropical plenty.

Adamstown is the capital and only village. At the square, you will find the Post Office, The Treasury Office, and the Bounty Cannon. There is a regular market here as well. The post office and treasury are generally open three days a week. Here you will find the islands famous pure honey and micro wood carvings.


The Pitcairn Island Museum, built in 2004, is a short walk from the public square. Accompanied by a local curator you will discover Pitcairn artifacts from as far back as the ancient Polynesians who, it is said, produced stone tools for trading throughout the pacific region. You will see the famous Bounty Cannon, raised from Bounty Bay in 1997, naval artifacts and lots of authentic memorabilia.


The Eco trail provides an accessible, leisurely wander through Pitcairn’s flora. This gentle wander through massive overhanging rock formations, where it is said the mutineers made a fiery brew from the root of the ‘ti’ plant offers a walk back in time. You will experience sites like ‘Sailors Hide’ before the climb to Christian’s Cave.


Just a short walk from the Town Square, visit the Grave of Mutineer John Adams, his wife and daughter. Keep a lookout when walking to Tedside, you may come across Ms T. The Islands only Galagos Tortoise. She is always happy to see people and will walk right up to you waiting to be hand-fed her favourite fruit- Banana.

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