The Tuamotu Islands consist of 77 atolls spread over 1,497km. These islands, located at the edge of the world, are heaven on Earth. Coconut plantations cover the motu (islet) of the coral barrier reef, the pristine beauty of the lagoons and unique underwater world make the Tuamotu a unique group of islands.

It is easy not to notice the small, lovely islets forming a ring around the lagoon of Fakarava, the second largest atoll in French Polynesia. The lagoon draws your attention, and its beauty pulls you in like a magnet. There is a purity in the lagoon and quiet elegance of the marine life that live out their lives in the shallows near the shore. The world here seems flawless, and life in the small villages, with bougainvillea lined roads, bright coral churches, quaint homes, boulangerie, snacks and restaurants seem to hover above the clear waters surrounding this designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Surrounding one of the world’s most fabulous destinations for scuba diving, the 240 islets string together in the ocean for more than 177 km’s encircle a deep lagoon. Rangiroa is beyond human imagination where the world’s second-largest atoll is a place where land and sea form an unexpected truce. Different kinds of the ocean surround this beautiful loop of islands. Moana-tea-Peaceful Ocean defines the lagoon and Moana-uri -Wild Ocean- where whales, manta rays, dolphins and sharks put on a show for the lucky few who come to experience their world.
Back on land, the main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa offer a unique view of the South Pacific. Along the few roads that exist, you will encounter coral churches, craft centres, local restaurants and a boulangerie, with a few tiny shops operated by locals. Wine lovers can also enjoy wine tasting at the Dominique Auroy Estate nestled within a coconut grove, producing three grape varieties, and the many black pearl farms, which dot the lagoon.


Days evolve quietly here on Tikehau. From the bright blue of the sky, this graceful atoll, a 55-minute flight from the kinetic bustle of Papeete appears as a crown of white and pink-sand beaches shimmering around a breathtaking lagoon. Only about 500 Tahitians call this tranquil world home, with generations of fishers whose lives revolve around the sea—a life of both peace and plenty


Hotels In Tuamotu Islands

Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort
The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort is set on one of the many pink-sand motu (islets) that make up the atoll, in the luminous greenery of a wild coconut grove. The resort features a one-bedroom villa with its private swimming pool, 24 Overwater Suites and Bungalows, and 12 Beach Bungalows.
Hotel Kia Ora Resort
The Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa is located on the northern stretch of Rangiroa near the Tiputa Pass. Surrounded by a coconut plantation, the resort combines this convenient setting with hidden seclusion. The architecture is elegant and refined, resting in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Situated on the lagoon side of the atoll, this is the only luxury option in Rangiroa with overwater bungalows.
Hotel Maitai Rangiroa
The Hotel Maitai Rangiroa is located on the lagoon between the passes of Avatoru and Tiputa. This hotel offers excellent French Polynesia accommodation at a great value, welcoming hospitality, excellent facilities, a multitude of activities and much more. The Maitai Hotel Rangiroa is a dream destination for all divers, sea lovers and those seeking an exciting vacation. You will find luxurious beachfront accommodation at an affordable price.

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